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LazerFM - Chicago / The Second Coming Of Sound

Since 2006, the Overdrive Underground Network has been the Chicago home for independent and electronic music. Today, LazerFM puts a very real face on the ever evolving genres of EDM with the most diverse array of electronic programming available anywhere. By removing the genre limitations, LazerFM allows you to free your mind of those limitations in order to explore new realms of EDM while still being able to follow your favorites. Whether it is an indie program that is exclusive to LazerFM or the hottest syndicated shows by some of the biggest names in the industry, LazerFM provides our residents with a level playing field that allows them to stand proudly together.

We welcome your comments, your opinions and your interaction. Feel free to be a part of the Lazer Family by following us on the social outlets or contacting the station via this site. Your input is welcomed and your ears are most appreciated!

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