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Free-to-play games reviewed on the show:

As reviewed July 28, 2013

Explore the world of Telara as an Ascended to protect the world from elemental Rifts controlled by the evil Regulos. Customize your character with many options that truly make you a one of a kind fighter. Experience unparralelled effects as the world changes in real time when Rifts form in the area!
  Robot Unicorn Attack 2:
As reviewed July 28, 2013

The Sequel to the critically acclaimed Robot Unicorn Attack, available for free on Google Play! A Side Scrolling Endless Runner with colorful, drop dead gorgeous graphics, and adrenaline inducing speed and agility. Customize your Unicorn however you see fit by unlocking colorful and sometimes even unyielding parts to make your Robot Unicorn your own. Complete Missions to Advance in the ranks and bring victory to either Team Rainbow or Team Inferno!